General FAQs:

1- How to get started?

Getting started with us is very easy and simple. All you have to do is just answer our questionnaires, fill use cases, answer interview questions and we will engineer down all your needs, requirements and get to know about your clients and industry.

2- How much time does it take?

Are you worried about long term contracts? Well, don’t worry as far as your working with Inspirar Media. We are experienced and dedicated in meeting deadlines and have a tradition of completing projects not just in time but also a reasonable time before the deadline.

3- What form of payments you accept and what is your lowest price?

We accept multiple forms of payments both for local and international clients. As far as the lowest quote is concerned, we don’t have any pre-planned quotes. We are only able to quote after understanding your requirements and industry however, the quote we will be quoting would prove to be the best and the services to be most professional you have ever witnessed.

Web Design & Development FAQ’s:

1- Why should I use a web design company?

When you have known enough of the importance of online presence, you may want to have an outstanding website up and running for you. There are tons of web design companies in Lahore and hundreds of CMS’s out there, you may think of DIY. Some people may take this approach but only a smart player and one who has enough insight of the importance of a website will go for a professional web development company. A professional company like Inspirar Media will engineer your requirements in such a way that brings utmost revenue and boost to your business by attracting visitors and persuading them to become customers.

2- Do you offer mobile friendly products?

Yes, and again a louder yes. According to studies around 60% traffic coming from search engines is routed from mobile devices and so Google has made it one of crucial ranking factors. Even if you somehow not elicit this in requirements still we will provide a mobile friendly responsive final product.

3- How do you evaluate our website and requirements?

Whether we are working with you to upgrade your existing portfolio or creating an astonishing new one for you, we perform strict and quality oriented evaluations into different prospects of design and development including security, latest technology, speed, responsiveness, search engine visibility and lot of more stuff. Give us call today or visit us for free evaluation of your business.

4- What is the technology you use to develop our website?

We use the latest technology for each of projects that we develop, whether it is about development, design, testing or any other phase of SDLC.

Digital Marketing & SEO:

1- What is digital marketing & SEO?

Digital marketing is all the hard work we do to make a strong online digital presence for you and SEO is a major part of digital marketing. Digital marketing is a broader spectrum while SEO is just a crucial phase in it. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is everything we do on-site or off-site to rank your website at the top positions in major search engines.

2- Why do I need SEO and hire your company for this task?

According to recent studies estimated 80%-90% customers or buyers will check and go online before buying any specific product or service. We are the best and extensively experienced SEO services in Lahore provider. We have satisfied thousands of clients with our professional services.

3- How much time you will take to rank my website?

It solely depends on the type of marketing plan you choose for your website. Sometimes it can take 2-3 months to start appearing at significant positions but this time is not fixed and can vary niche to nice. We provide and educated guess about after how much time to expect results before being starting the campaign.