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GOEY, A top notch SEO expert in Lahore

Search Engine Optimization is a pioneer marketing strategy for all online businesses and for all local businesses as well. Google all alone shares 70% of the search market. Having your business ranked at the top position can blow away all your competitors, but for that position, you need a pioneer and best SEO company. GOEY has been serving you as a top provider of SEO services in Lahore. In 9 years of our services, we have outshined thousands of businesses by helping them gain top positions in SERPS. Our team of dedicated and skilled professionals makes sure all your marketing efforts get noticed by customers as well as search engines. What makes our goal-oriented services powerhouse most successful is the coordinated effort with entrepreneurs and our digital marketers. Our bundle of powerful offerings includes the following result-oriented techniques.

Impactful Search Engine Optimization

Properly optimizing your website for search engines is critical to your overall internet marketing strategy and success. Our agency’s backbone is SEO and we’ve helped hundreds of businesses improve their organic success.


Keyword research by the best SEO company in Pakistan

While listing the most critical and crucial stages for any optimization plan, keyword research comes in the first place. Keywords basically are the words or phrases which searchers type while searching for a particular product or service. The success of any ranking strategy depends on selecting the suitable and traffic generating keywords for your website. There are two types of keywords, long tail, and short tail keywords, making a mix of both the types can bring extensive traffic to your website. Long tail keywords have less traffic volume but are less competitive and more sales driven ones. Keyword research starts with even writing content for your website and it is a metric that defines your strategy as success or failure. Our power hub of SEO services in Lahore starts with finding you the keywords having huge traffic volume but less competition. At GOEY, SEO is not about bringing traffic to your website it is all about bringing targeted traffic that converts into sales.

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On-Page optimization by GOEY, Pakistan’s top SEO service provider

This whole phenomenon can be divided into two broader spectrums on-page and off-page divisions. On-Page search engine optimization involves all the necessary stuff to make a website affable for search engines. On-page optimization is a broader spectrum and includes several factors that impact your organic rankings. The most important factor while optimizing your website for on-page is to create amazing content for both search engines and customers. Other important to consider are page title, Meta descriptions, Meta tags, URL structure, Body tags, Keyword density, Image optimization, and internal linking. We conduct technical site audits on strenuous metrics that go beyond checking the text on the page; rather we make sure your website has no issue regarding usability, accessibility, and spider crawling.


Off-Page optimization by our SEO Experts/Specialists

Off-page optimization is another broad division of website optimization as on-page. There are different techniques that can be used to improve the grade of your organic positions. Link building is a crucial part of this broader spectrum and falls under the flag of off-page optimization. It includes techniques as social media engagement, Social bookmarking, forum submissions, blog submissions, article/guest post submission, question/answer submission, video optimization, image submission and document sharing sites.

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Link Building

It is a key component of any optimization plan. Link building refers to putting links on most relevant sites that fall under the scope of your niche. The authority and relevance are kept as an important factor while we build links for your website. It is an important ranking factor in Google’s ranking algorithm but requires to be done organically.

Link Building


Google continuously updates its algorithms and so does GOEY to keep your position above the fold. We continuously conduct analysis and audits and keep you updated with extensive real-time reporting so that you can plan and implement educated marketing decisions and strategies. Through Our SEO company in Lahore, you can also ask us for standalone SEO audits for your websites.

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What makes us top the list of top 10 SEO companies

GOEY is ranked number 1 in top 10 SEO companies in Pakistan. We have earned this badge by continuous hard and the effort we put to rank your website at the top position in SERPs. Starting in 2017, in a very short span of time, we have become top SEO consultant both locally and internationally.

What makes us the best SEO company?

We are known as the best SEO company and it is not the finest achievement we have at our side, as we want to expand our name to the entire world. Our masters of the field put everything over the internet to work for you in terms of relevancy and quality. Extensive experience and research in the field of optimization have evolved our practices to be the best. Deep insight and research of Google’s ranking algorithm have earned us the name of SEO expert in Pakistan which we cherish upon.


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