Terms and conditions

Here are we listing terms and conditions upon and following which we will complete any project. Let’s start with presenting these terms and conditions for you:

  • All the tasks will be performed at any designated office by Inspirar Media.
  • No time delays will be made from your side whether on technical or functional grounds to review documents, answering the questions, participating in meetings, training and testing sessions. Inspirar Media has the right to terminate any project upon notice for failure or delay in providing feedback for all above.
  • The project successfully concludes as soon as your projected is launched or hosted. All payments must be cleared before completion of the project.
  • Change in requirements: The price quoted to you before start of the project is only an assumption and estimate based on assessments that how much time the project may take. Customer will be responsible for additional charges in results of revisions or additions due to requirement change from client (other than errors from developers). The price will be added to final bill as agreed upon.
  • If you delay the response from Company Names query for more than one month, or cancel this project, we have the right to terminate your project and charge you with 1. All work completed till the date of written notification it also includes expenses on agreed upon rates, or 2. Any amount deposited for starting this project.
  • Renewal of project after termination for any reason will need a complete new agreement, invoicing and advance deposit.
  • The agreement may be terminated by either of the two parties upon written notice if any of the other party breaks any clause of the agreement.
  • Any property provided to Inspirar Media for help in the project is retained by the client, however, the product produced and its raw materials will remain copyright of Company Name till all the payments have been made.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to verify and approve the final product within 30 days after the notice from Inspirar Media.
  • Project timeline: it is the time needed to finish the agreed project. It depends on how effectively the two parties can communicate; any delays in feedbacks may affect project timeline.
  • Inspirar Media only provides technical support for 90 days after the official date on which the project is launched or handed over. Any error, issue, vulnerability caused due to wrong configuration or misuse will lead you to extra charge from Company’s side.